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These stamps combine the analog world with the digital…

With the Crypto stamp, the Austrian Post is breaking entirely new ground. These innovative stamps combine the analog world with the digital world. For the second time, a registered company is offering a stamp that is also stored as a digital image in the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the crypto stamp can not only be used to transport your postal item but is also your personal, virtual collector’s item.

A QR code is printed on each crypto stamp, in which a code is contained. This code can be scanned with a webcam or mobile phone camera.

Alternatively, instead of the QR scan, you can manually enter the code at the top right of the page to access the digital view of your Crypto stamp.
Here’s how it works:

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera or a QR code app. Alternatively, enter the code under in the “Wallet” tab. Now you will see the unique digital version of your brand. Your digital Crypto stamp 2.0 is in a preconfigured “Wallet.”

In the blockchain, you can see which owner owns an individual Crypto stamp 2.0. There is a unique certificate of authenticity, with which you can prove that you are the current owner of this collectible.

There are 60,000 stamps per motif. These are divided into five colors and with different frequencies. The most common stamp is, as in the 1 version, the black stamp. There are 31400 stamps per motif. Then follows the green release with 16.000. Then the blue stamp with 8000 pieces and the yellow version with 4000. Finally, there is the red stamp again with 600 stamps per design.

This year the stamps are additionally provided with a seal. If you break the seal, you can scan the color of the stamp.

Further points to make a stamp less frequent is the code. The code for the digital view can be 5 or 6 characters long. With five characters, your postage is even rarer.

The prices will rise again very sharply.

The prices for the red stamps, in particular, will go up very high. I reckon that you can get between 6 and 8000 euros for a red stamp.

The goal must be to get a complete series. I hope you enjoy collecting, and if you want to exchange some stamps, feel free to contact me.

Tomorrow I will explain to you in an article how you can sell and exchange your stamps best.

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